Composing Jobs

Win $4 to $6 Per Page (2000 words)          ONLINE WORK FROM HOME

On the web and Offline Typing Aissignments which you can execute on MS-Word or any proportional programming

Editing Jobs

Acquire $5 to 10 Per Page

Altering MS-Word Files and Checking for Spelling and Grammatical Errors

Paid Survey Jobs

Acquire $5 to $50 Per Survey

Info your conclusion about different item and administrations that you use and win cash on the web

Realistic Designing Jobs

Gain $15-40 Per Assignment

Planning Coral Draw and Photoshop Graphics and Exporting them to different document design

PowerPoint Presentation Job

Gain $3 Per PPT Slide

Getting ready PowerPoint Slides and Adding Proper Animation and Sound Effects

Spreadsheet Entry Job

Gain $0.2 to 0.4 Per Cell                  ONLINE WORK FROM HOME

Arrangement and change of Pivot Tables in MS-Excel Format. Precision Demanded.

Voice Recognition Job

Gain $15 to 40 Per Assignment

Change of Medical Prescription Slips into Textual and Audio Format.

Online Advertisement

Acquire $0.5 Per Ad Posted

Promoting new worldwide web-based interfaces with simple devices gave by Hiresine. It’s Pay-Per-Post kind of program.

Language Translation Jobs

Acquire $10 to $30 Per Page (1200 words)

Interpretation of different report designs starting with one language then onto the next.

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